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Tooth Extractions - Astoria, NY

Remove Damaged or Decayed Teeth

Child having tooth removed

The loss of even one tooth can be detrimental to oral health, but sometimes, removing a damaged or decayed tooth is actually the best way to preserve your oral health. In these cases, we will recommend tooth extraction. If you or a loved one needs to have one or more teeth removed, the skilled dentist and dentistry team members at ED Family Dental are here to help. To learn more, call our Astoria dental office to schedule a consultation appointment. During your visit, we’ll complete a thorough examination and discuss all of your treatment options. If possible, we’ll provide restoration rather than removing the damaged or decayed teeth. When necessary, we can offer tooth replacement options as well as your surgical or nonsurgical tooth removal. Every patient’s treatment plan is personalized to meet their unique needs, and we consider you our partner in planning your treatment.

Why Tooth Extraction is Recommended

Closeup of patient during tooth extraction

There are many situations where tooth extraction is the best option to preserve overall oral health. Some of the reasons we remove teeth include:

How Tooth Extraction is Performed

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

If your tooth has full erupted from the gum tissue, we’ll be able to pull it. This procedure is the least invasive option. We numb the area. Then, the tooth is shifted back and forth until it breaks free from the supportive structures. If the tooth can’t be pulled, we’ll need to surgically remove it. These surgical treatments can simply involve cutting away soft tissue to reveal the tooth or they may require more advanced methods such as drilling into the supportive, alveolar bone or breaking the tooth into smaller pieces prior to removal. Every patient’s treatment plan is unique, and our skilled dentist can perform the procedures with safety and precision.

Caring for the Smile After Tooth Extraction

Young woman having tooth extracted

Following the removal of one or more teeth, our team will provide you with specific aftercare instructions you can follow in order to ensure your extraction site will heal quickly and comfortably with minimized risk for infection and other complications. If you’re in need of a replacement tooth or teeth, we will begin planning these procedures right away. For the first 48 hours after treatment, you’ll experience swelling and discomfort, but the pain and inflammation should gradually decrease. If you notice an increase in pain or swelling, this may be a sign of concern, so please contact us right away. We offer assistance to keep you comfortable throughout the healing process.

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