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Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Right Choice for Me?

June 4, 2022

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Woman smiling after receiving cosmetic dentistry.

A recent study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry estimates that the demand for cosmetic dental treatment has doubled in the last five years! With so many people hopping on the bandwagon and hoping to enhance their smiles, you might be interested in seeking treatment yourself. But where are you supposed to start? Keep reading to learn more about some of the various treatment options that are available and how to decide if cosmetic dentistry is the right choice for you.

Why Would I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry consists of elective procedures that are meant to give your smile an enhanced appearance. People seek out treatment for a variety of reasons including chipped or fractured teeth, staining and discoloration, gaps between teeth, or anything else superficial that needs correction. If you’re unhappy about your smile, the odds are that cosmetic dentistry can do something about it.

There are also other benefits to cosmetic dentistry beyond the purely aesthetic. For instance, many patients experience a large boost to their self-confidence after receiving treatment. Having straighter and whiter teeth can also make you feel much younger and fresh-faced. Not to mention, some studies have actually found a connection between cosmetic treatment and greater career opportunities; having a nice smile can take you places! Finally, visiting the dentist—even just for cosmetic treatment—gives them the chance to inspect your mouth and ensure that everything’s problem-free.

What Are Some Common Cosmetic Treatment Options?

Some of the most common cosmetic treatment options that patients receive include:

  • Porcelain veneers – These are thin coverings designed from special dental porcelain that nicely mask any minor aesthetic issues found in teeth, including chips, cracks, staining, gaps between teeth, and more.
  • Teeth whitening – Your dentist has access to special tools and equipment that can safely and efficiently whiten your teeth. They can also send you home with a kit of whitening agents and trays that are stronger than anything you can buy at the store.
  • Direct bonding – A tooth-colored composite resin is molded and shaped to cover any visible issues found in your teeth. It’s fantastic for minor chips and cracks.

How Can I Get Started?

Your very first step towards receiving cosmetic treatment is talking with your dentist. They can help to determine your needs and offer suitable solutions, although you will have a large amount of input too; it’s your smile, after all! That said, there are many factors that must be considered to determine your eligibility for cosmetic dentistry including your overall oral health, the cost of treatment, and the level of maintenance/care that will be required.

There aren’t any doubts about the effectiveness of cosmetic dentistry; it can do a lot to upgrade your smile and improve the quality of your life! If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry and think it’s the right choice for you, visit your dentist to determine your needs and eligibility so you can start working towards a newer, brighter smile.

About the Practice

ED Family Dental proudly serves patients and families in the Astoria community under the leadership of Dr. Eduart Shkurti! Dr. Shkurti received his dental doctorate from the University of Southern California School of Dental Medicine and is an active member of many professional organizations including the American Dental Association, the New York Dental Society, and the Astoria County Dental Society. His practice is pleased to offer many available services including various cosmetic treatment options. If you have any questions for Dr. Shkurti or would like to schedule a visit, feel free to contact the practice’s website or give them a call at (718) 806-1662.

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